To understand just why the Driver Timer is the one of the most popular additions to the modern cab, one has to travel back in time to its creation in 1997.


Inventor Richard King explains, "The Driver Timer saga started in '97 when I borrowed a friends' F7 Volvo for a week when he went on holiday.  He had a simple single countdown timer and the large buttons and ease of operation made me realise what a revolution this was in managing my driving times.  No more fiddling with the tacho, or guessing at driving times and rest times!  There and then I knew I just had to have one of my own."


Trying to source a similar unit proved difficult. "I found they were not very easy to find in deepest Norfolk.  However, on a trip to Yorkshire on a rare holiday break I found a little shop selling the same timer that my friend had in his F7 VOLVO. Whooooopeeee!!!  I was hooked"!


So with a single count down timer the idea for the Driver Timer was born. "Sitting in my Leyland Road Train one day on the Sugar Beet campaign I thought what a smashing idea it would be to buy lots of timers just like the one I was using, produce instructions relevant to the HGV world, supply an incredibly smart stainless steel dash mount and sell them on to other enlightened truckers.


"The only problem was where to get them?  No internet in those days.  My first thought was to try the shop that I bought mine from but I had no receipt, or address, or 'phone number.  I tried a gamble with our wonderful Post Office and sent a letter to:-


Mr. Shoppe




... and the name of the village.


Several weeks sailed by and then out of the mist came a reply saying Mr. Shoppe in Yorkshire would be more than pleased to sell me lots of timers and help him on his way towards funding a lifestyle he very much wanted to get accustomed to.  He ran an import company and the shop was his base camp.


"So that's how it started.  Mr Shoppe and I sold on many hundreds of units until his source was exhausted and I moved on to other suppliers and upgraded timer models."


But for the demand from other drivers the story might have ended there.  Richard continues, "due to other commitments I gave up the advertising and the Driver Timer took a backseat for a while, but the demand for a simple to use timing device still continued.  With many hundreds of happy truckers out there using my timers I still get repeat orders from firms and drivers who want a basic unit to track their hours.  All my contacts say the same. "I can't use a complicated timer, and I've seen one of yours and it's so much simpler to operate but still does the job - and more!"


We can honestly say that due to popular demand the Driver Timer is back in production and The Driver Timer Team has now expanded to handle the distribution and administrative side of the enterprise. 


So there you have it.  A Timer designed by a driver who needed to track his hours and kept it simple - because the best things in life normally are.