How many of you have had a sneaky look in the tachograph to see what's been going on?  With the Driver Timer to help you that is now a thing of the past.  All you need to do each morning is punch the STOP/START button to bring up your 4½, 9 and 10 hours driving time, drop in your tacho and start both off together.

Once you have stopped for a break or other work, stop the Driver Timer.  If you want to use the Driver Timer to measure your break, change screens and the new display will show the count up timer time.  No more "I'd better have another five minutes to make sure".  You know exactly where you are all the time, every time.  You can split your rest time by putting the timer on hold and changing back to the Driver mode.  The remaining break time can then be taken later before your 4½ hours driving time runs out.

You can also be sure you have the required overnight rest period by starting the count up timer as you leave.  As you start the next shift it will show if any infringement has occured, to be made up later.  The Driver Timer has a 20 hour countdown capacity, so you can use it to get you up from a days/night sleep.  The alarm sounds for a full minute before self-cancelling.

Details of tachograph law are obtainable from the VOSA website which can be found on our Web Links Page, and a copy of the booklet GV262 which gives all current tachograph and drivers hours rules can be downloaded in .pdf format.

Remember, the Driver Timer is for you to get the most from your time!

Each kit includes:-

Five Time Factors in one compact unit - 70mm x 90mm

Easy to read big screen display - 40mm x 45mm

Three 20 hour capacity count down modes with Parallel Running function and Re-Set Memory

One count up mode - maximum 20 hours

12 or 24 Hour Clock

Easy find Stop/Start button - 43mm x 7mm

Silicon Dash Grip Pad for easy hands free use

Re-Programmable for any future law changes

Instruction Sheet